Last year we faced unprecedented challenges. Ones that we are still recovering from today. The corona crisis turned our perfect present and our daily reality, upside down. To support you in your time of need, we brought you #HAIRDRESSERSUNITED; our 24-hour live charity event to support hair professionals like you. And because of you and our amazing contributors, we achieved a Guinness World Record for the longest online hair education seminar streamed over the internet.

But we must look forward

The impact of Covid-19 was undeniable. But as an industry, we met those challenges head on and evolved new ways of doing things. We saw an explosion in digital education. The way our hairdressing community consumes this content has changed forever. So now is the time to push on. To embrace this new behaviour and lead this arena in ever-more exciting and innovative ways.

That means we'll continue to drive forwards with our Blended Learning approach, combining physical seminars with the most engaging digital seminars in the business. Our lively, practical, hands-on sessions will still provide unique immersive learning experiences. But now, we'll also provide digital seminars to your fingertips.

During the pandemic, as I watched our artists, colourists and stylists bring you inspiration, tutorials and a reason to look to the future, I was overwhelmed and so proud to truly say we are in this TOGETHER.



ASK Education is about opportunity. World-class education created by hairdressers for hairdressers. Cutting-edge courses that combine precise technical knowledge with creative freedom. We believe that continual education builds highly-motivated salon teams, strengthens client loyalty and ultimately increases salon profitability.

The ASK Education journey is designed to take your professional skills to the next level. As we shape the future of hairdressing, we are continuously evolving and innovating, so you and your salon team can choose the right level to raise your game.

Pushing the creative hairdresser focusing on artistic expression and experimentation
Exploring new ideas and approaches to reinforce and refine creativity
Product knowledge and skills to improve your in-salon service level
Foundation to establish confidence and knowledge