The Shaping Futures initiative, in collaboration with Fritz Henkel Stiftung, strives to create a brighter, sustainable future for socially disadvantaged young adults, by teaching them the craft of hairdressing. Through this shared passion, Schwarzkopf Professional has brought the Shaping Futures programme into over 30 different countries, influencing the lives of more than 2,500 young adults.

This exceptional success is thanks to the tireless work performed by volunteers from Schwarzkopf Professional’s experienced partner salons, who offer their time, passion and skill for free – this means that some of the most vulnerable people in the world can benefit from their hairdressing expertise to build a successful career and an independent future.

Experience the incredible dedication of Schwarzkopf Professional’s ground-breaking social initiative in ‘Inside Shaping Futures’; a powerful documentary that tells the inspiring story of individuals involved in this work around the world. This is a global initiative in action. Transforming lives one at a time. To watch the documentary, or to learn more simply visit