Education has always been at the heart of our industry. It's only through acquiring the knowledge and skills to master our craft that we are then able to invent, innovate and blaze a trail towards tomorrows trends today.


We unlock the potential to grow


We embrace the trends as they emerge


We innovate how to learn


We are the creative collective


// Stop stopping yourself

ASK Education is about opportunity. World-class education created by hairdressers for hairdressers. Cutting-edge courses that combine precise technical knowledge with creative freedom. We believe that continual education builds highly-motivated salon teams, strengthens client loyalty and ultimately increases salon profitability.

Explore unlimited digital possibilities and reach your potential
Enhance your technical skills, vision and unleash your creative potential
Break the rules and push the boundaries to create tomorrow's trends today
Improve your everyday skill set and knowledge at every level
Develop commercial in-salon services to maximise revenue

The ASK Education journey is designed to take your professional skills to the next level. As we shape the future of hairdressing, we are continuously evolving and innovating, so you and your salon team can choose the right level to raise your game.

Pushing the creative hairdresser focusing on artistic expression and experimentation
Exploring new ideas and approaches to reinforce and refine creativity
Product knowledge and skills to improve your in-salon service level
Foundation to establish confidence and knowledge